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Danny Oliver
Danny Oliver

Bass House, Funky/Groove /Jackin' House, Tech House/Deep Tech Minimal

One of the most uncomfortable things for me when I started getting booked for gigs was when promoters started asking for my “bio”. The first time someone asked me for this, I went into an immediate panic.
Was this something I was supposed to have?
How do I go about bragging about myself? Have I even accomplished enough to warrant a bio?  
Do I write it in first person or third person? Is someone else supposed to write it?
At some point I realized I’d been putting this off and hadn’t become any more comfortable with handing out a bio.
So here’s go I’m Danny Oliver 41 years old dad of two .
London based and born, DJ / Producer / Presenter /Promoter / Brand owner Danny OlIver a tech house producer, with mutiple releases still to come this year with major labels. Owner and creator of electronic events The solace .DJing for only a year and half and only just started producing it’s been a crazy few years Playing at venue's and festivals such as Ministry of Sound /Egg club /Scarla / E1 /and other central London venues The Danny Oliver brand has exploded through the London club scene and Europe Ibiza/Amsterdam/Croatia /Scotland In the last 12 months alone .releasing tracks every month since April. Having a number 1 and 2 on beatport becoming a resident at the world famous Torture Garden.
Just been given his own radio show on Centreforce 88.3 on a Wednesday night This year Danny oliver is collaborating with the biggest names and brands in tech music.

Danny Oliver

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