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MC GEE, originated from the UK, is without no doubt one of the, if not the, biggest MC in Dutch House Music. Mixmag has described him as "the biggest MC in the Dutch House Music"(2012).

With the presence of MC GEE at your event a maximum and a great vibe is guaranteed!

For making the best night, it's pivotal to have the best MC so it is ensured to make it happen.

MC GEE is finely tuned in the crowd and has the natural ability helping them to anticipate at the music and to raise the energy at the same time.

With over 20 years experience as an MC, he is regarded as one of the originators of Electronic Dance Music.

With his distinctive and versatile vocal talents he distinguish himself from other MC's.

He has extended his reputation internationally and has been continue to work together with the world's best DJ's.

It is fair to say there's no leading EDM event/ promotion or DJ with whom MC hasn't been working together.

For the last 8 years, he has been the 'Voice of Sensation', Sensations resident MC and continues to be the host of one of the world largest dance events, helping to make it the best night possible, guiding the crowd through the theatrical and musical journey.

MC GEE has also featured on a number of tracks, his vocals on Put Your Hands Up For Detroit with Fedde Le Grand (2006), was an international success and continues to be a commercial club anthem. MC GEE is currently working on a number of collaborations for 2024.


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