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Tasha FoX
Tasha FoX

Bursting onto the scene at top club nights like SIZE and BERLIN, Tasha FoX is quickly becoming a name to watch in the electronic dance music world. Her electrifying set at the BRIGHTON Music Conference showcased her exceptional range, moving seamlessly from house to techno and everything in between. A true lover of dance music in all its forms, Tasha brings a unique flair to every performance, expertly blending tracks on three decks to create an unforgettable experience.

Whether spinning at a high-energy club night or a more intimate underground event, she adapts with the skill and charisma of a seasoned performer, ensuring each set is tailored to the vibe of the venue.

Hailing from Brighton, Tasha has become a pillar of the city's vibrant music scene. A natural-born vocalist and songwriter, and a self-taught percussionist, DJ, and producer, she has been creating and mixing music for over a decade. Her sets are a testament to her broad understanding of electronic music, merging house, techno, and more with a rhythmic intensity that reflects her percussion background.

When not spinning behind the decks, Tasha's love for rhythm and melody finds another outlet as she contributes to EDM tracks with lyrics, melodies, and recording vocals. She thrives on being a creative force in these areas, enhancing the overall creativity of a dance track.

Keep your eyes and ears on Tasha FoX—she's not just spinning tracks; she's shaping the future of dance music, one set at a time.

Tasha FoX

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